R.A.Sona, O.D.

Welcome to our office. In addition to a thorough vision analysis, tests for color vision, depth perception, glaucoma and the health of the eye will be performed. If necessary, inner eye photography and computerized visual field testing will be available.

Our office is equipped to fit any type of contact lens available-hard, gas permeable,soft,soft for astigmatism, extended wear,disposable, and bifocal yes (BIFOCAL!) contact lenses.

We will answer any questions you may have about laser vision treatments or other surgical methods of vision correction.

We offer a large selection of frames and lenses which our in-office lab will finish promptly and accurately.

So, if you just need your glasses adjusted (we never charge) or a professional eye examination, please call for an appointment (847)395-8885.

R.A. Sona O.D.

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